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Microsoft: No spring dashboard update this year

Justin McElroy

Sad news today for those among you that love ... functionality, as Microsoft's Xbox Live manager Marc Whitten revealed to Next Gen that there would be no spring dashboard update this year, debunking this rumor that circulated earlier this month. Whitten said that Microsoft instead focused on "building the proper infrastructure and scale for the service."

While we welcome updates and improvements to the infrastructure, we can't help but be a little disappointed. With Sony regularly evolving the PS3's functionality, a single update in a year for the (arguably more fully-featured) 360 dashboard seems a little paltry by comparison.

Other news to be gleaned from the Whitten interview: Underperforming XBLA titles will be delisted; the size/price limit of XBLA titles has been upped to 350MB and 1600 MS points, respectively; and a tool to fix the DRM 'fiasco' is due next month.

While there's no Spring update, Microsoft did show off quite a bit at this year's Xbox 360 Spring Showcase. From Gears of War 2 to Banjo-Kazooie, Ninja Gaiden 2, to Viva Pinata, check out our coverage of the event, including new screenshots and hands-on impressions.

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