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Motorola's SmartStream remote diagnostics to replace truck rolls

Steven Kim

The MTR700 tuning adapter wasn't all that Moto was showing off at The Cable Show. Also getting introduced was its SmartStream Terminal Data Collector (STDC) software that gathers up diagnostic info from your Motorola STB and sends it to the helpful cable representative at the other end of the line. The idea, of course, is that field service (requiring a truck roll) will be replaceable by phone service (requiring hold time). Better still, the software is installable on-demand, so there won't even be a truck roll required to inject the code to your STB. We wouldn't expect cable companies to necessarily waive service fees for remote assistance, however. Just be thankful that help with your cable service may force you into tying yourself to the house between the hours of 10AM and 4PM.

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