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Nintendo responds to Greenpeace (again)


Greenpeace has had it in for Nintendo for quite some time now. Despite the Wii being the biggest thing since sliced bread, they've taken up the position of the minority in opposing the system. No, not because of its features or games, but because of Nintendo's supposed lack of caring regarding our environment.

Following the latest blow struck by Greenpeace, Nintendo has responded with, well, basically what they did last time. "Nintendo has not been badly rated by Greenpeace," said a Nintendo spokesperson. "Greenpeace chose to conduct a survey and produce a report, which graded companies upon the voluntary submission of information."

Nintendo went on further to say that they "fully comply with all the necessary EU Directives on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances aimed at environmental protection and consumer health and safety. Furthermore, in order to ensure our products are safe for use by young children we also take into consideration the standards applicable to toys."

[Via CVG]

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