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People already lining up for 3G iPhone?


In what must come as somewhat, yet not completely, surprising news, it seems people are already starting to line up at Apple's flagship 5th Avenue store in New York for the next version of the iPhone -- supposedly being announced on June 9th. According to our friends at Engadget Mobile, the line is already about 60 people deep but some waiting seemed confused as to what they were actually waiting for -- although others did think they were in line for the new iPhone 2.0.

Could this line actually be for the latest and greatest version of the iPhone? Or, is this just some tragic case of mis-communication? Maybe they think they can get their hands on one of those iPhone refurbs? Or, perhaps the employees at that particular store are bored and just in the mood to mess with customers?

Whatever the answer, if this is actually an indication of the fervor iPhone 2.0 is going to generate, maybe I should start thinking about when and where to line up so I can get mine?

How about you guys, you going to camp out to be the first on your block to get an iPhone 2.0?

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