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38 studios developers speak up again

Michael Zenke

Just a few days ago we noted the first part of an interview with Steve Danuser and Jason Roberts, the community gurus at stealth-development house 38 Studios. Now MMO news site Ten Ton Hammer has posted the second part of the interview, further expanding Danuser and Roberts' commentary on the games industry. Many of these statements are likely to sound very familiar to anyone regularly reading the site. Topics discussing include the benefits of lower system requirements, the dynamics between hardcore and casual players, and the cost/benefit ratio between first and third-party forums.

Their analysis of story in online games is equally interesting. The issue of players powering through story and quests to gain levels, Danuser offers, can be overcome by painting in 'broad strokes'. "You'll have to assume that most players won't catch the fine details of your story ... they're playing through the experience and seeing it unfold, that gives them a sense of "oh that was really cool because I saw this happen, I helped make that tower fall down" even if they don't get the fine details of it."

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