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Breakfast Topic: Choose a race for your Death Knight

Amanda Dean

I've been more ore less avoiding the Wrath of the Lich King news. Not because I'm afraid of spoilers, but because Blizzard has this annoying habit of teasing us and then taking things away. Take the bleed effect on Flametongue Weapon for example. Nothing is final until it goes live and even then it will most likely be tweaked.

Although there are still many details to be hashed out, Blizzard will hold true to their promise of the Death Knight Class. We've heard all kinds of news about what this class can do, again, this is subject to change. I sincerely hope that the developers do not change their minds that any race can roll a Death Knight.

If I do roll one, I will most likely roll an Undead. Maybe it's cliche, but its only fitting. On Alliance side I would most likely chose Draenei. I think that with all of their death and destruction, Death Knights would really benefit from Gift of the Naaru, and they will certainly have an Inspiring Presence. What race will your DK be?

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