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EA Sports: Hardcore sports fans shouldn't fear


With all the talk about the EA Sports division creating more accessible sports titles for Wii gamers, many of the fans who've enjoyed the respective sports franchise's innovations over the years might have gotten a tad bit scared. With all this focus on catering to the needs of the Wii's casual crowd, which is where the money is, would the more hardcore sports nuts be left in the dust? The senior director of brand marketing at EA Sports, Reg Hamlett, says the company hasn't forgotten about those folks.

"Hardcore fans are our base and our biggest fans," commented Hamlett. "Their opinions and seal of approval are of extreme importance to us. That said, the All-Play brand is aimed at those consumers who seek to leverage the unique attributes of the Wii and play a sports game that utilizes these unique features." So, it would seem, those of you looking forward to the option of playing with more casual controls, yet immersed in the same tried-and-true form of the respective sport, can rest assured. Apparently, EA Sports won't be dumbing down any of its big sports titles. But, with the introduction of Facebreaker, the opportunity for EA Sports to develop spin-off titles in that tone might be one too great for the company to ignore.

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