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NiGHTS: Journey to awesome free stuff


NiGHTS Community, a site for obsessive NiGHTS fans, came into possession of some rare Journey of Dreams memorabilia earlier this year when Sega gave the administrator a private demo of the game (!) Instead of hoarding it forever or selling it on eBay, the site has decided to give it away in a contest. And the prizes are all being given away individually instead of as a giant pile, so you have half a chance.

You could win a PAL copy of NiGHTS or much more interesting (but less playable) stuff, such as a glow-in-the-dark sticker sheet, a Japanese promotional poster, or a two-track soundtrack sampler which apparently was never made available outside of Sega of Europe! We hope you can fulfill your dreams of having stuff with pictures of NiGHTS on it.

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