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Play City of Heroes for free this weekend

Kyle Horner

If you've got a deactivated City of Heroes account and that brand new Issue 12: Midnight Hour content is looking incredibly tempting, then fear not. NCsoft has given every City of Heroes account an automatic free weekend pass that started Thursday, May 22nd at 11am and will continue on until Sunday, May 25th at 8:59 PM Pacific. This is by no means something new for CoX players, but the timing is incredibly nice as there's a bunch of new content to check out.

We're just curious if there's any crossover between people playing Age of Conan and those who've played City of Heroes. When your time is limited by a busy schedule, it can be hard deciding between just one or two games for your weekend entertainment. Both games definitely have a lot to offer players for a weekend of play, but we have a feeling that the recent outbreak of barbarian fever might just be too strong for some.

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