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Rumor: Resident Evil 5 features co-op and cover system


ShackNews reports that a Resident Evil 5 preview, originally posted by GamesRadar, stated the game would feature online co-op throughout the campaign and that a cover system had been added to the franchise. Sadly, we can't report on this information directly from GamesRadar because the article has been removed. We blame the Umbrella Corporation. We always blame the Umbrella Corporation.

The preview allegedly revealed that there would be also be a dodge mechanic (using the right analog stick), a mercenary mini-game and a challenge mode. In the co-op campaign, players would be able to drop in and out at any time, with the AI taking over when there's no pesky human with yummy brains to control the second character. RE5 is expected sometime before the next decade and follows the possibly racist Chris Redfield as he indiscriminately kills all of zombie-kind between him and his goal.

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