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Tales of a new trailer for Dawn of the New World [update]

Candace Savino

There's no doubt that Wii-owning RPG gamers are thirsting for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, an oasis in a barren desert filled with only ... well, Opoona (as far as traditional Japanese RPGs go, at least). That's why we're really looking forward to Namco Bandai's Tales effort for the Wii, and hope that it can fill the gaping holes in our gamer hearts. Fortunately, everything we've seen on the title so far both looks and sounds enticing. Take, for example, this latest trailer.

This three-minute video is packed with gameplay, cinematics, character introductions, action, drama, romance, and anything else you can think of. The only catch is that it's in Japanese, so unless you understand crazy talk, you probably won't know what's being said. (Note: The video stops short at the end because the last ten seconds got cut off.)

Japan will be getting the game next month, but those of us waiting for North American localization can expect it in September.

[Update: Trailer replaced with a version that doesn't cut off at the end.]


[Via Destructoid]

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