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A preview of Tabula Rasa's Deployment 9

Michael Zenke

This week's Tabula Rasa Friday Feature is all about Deployment 9, coming soon to the live servers. The primary systems change slated for this next update is called "Squad Merge". Essentially, it will allow players in two separate groups to band together into one group through a simple command. The TR dev team is also working on a content tag: "PTS Only"; this will be applied to certain content that they want explored purely on the Public Test Server. Some of this content may eventually migrate to the live servers, but some might not.

They're looking for more testers, and are providing a number of new tools to PTS players who want to try out in-development content. Sign up if you're interested. The first content that tag will be applied to is the new Velon Hollow instance. It's (obviously) going to eventually make it to live. In the meantime, though, the PTS will be the only place you can take on this new 30-32 map just off of the Plateau. Formerly known as Howling Death Burrow, it can be accessed via the "Book of the Velonar" questline in New Velon Village.

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