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Blizzard artists join Laguna art school faculty

Alex Ziebart

A few days ago, Gadgetress at wrote about the perks of attending the Laguna College of Art & Design, or more specifically, being on board their new video game program. Thanks to a well connected chair of the Game Art major, artists from Blizzard Entertainment, Dreamworks Animation, and Double Helix Games are on staff. Gadgetress also talks about a few students in particular, as well as Blizzard's new University Relations program.

Personally, I can't think of many companies better than Blizzard or Dreamworks to have a hand in educating upcoming artists on the industry. Both of them are quite good at developing distinct, marketable styles, and obviously the individuals on staff have extensive experience in the industry. Considering this college is located near the Blizzard Campus, it's likely many of the individuals in this program have dreams of working for that particular company. Being taught by the very people you'd like to one day work with must be way cool.

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