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Nintendo ranks 4th on 'BusinessWeek InfoTech 100'

Jason Dobson

It's a good time to work at Nintendo, and not just because of the mushroom shaped pastries in the lounge or the regular attempts at Princess Peach cosplay. BusinessWeek has released what it calls the 'InfoTech 100,' essentially a listing of the world's hottest tech companies, and wouldn't you know it The House That Mario Built is sitting on a Goomba right near the top in 4th place behind only Amazon, Apple, and wireless communications firm Research in Motion.

According to BusinessWeek, the companies that made the cut had to conform to a number of stringent criteria, not the least of which was achieving an impressive $300 million in revenues. Interestingly, however, Nintendo wasn't he only gaming-minded company to make the list, with Microsoft nabbing the number 23 spot while Activision also made an appearance at number 42. Mamma mia!

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