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Rumorang: Killer Instinct making a return?

Jason Dobson

EGM rumor-monger Quartermann has once more turned the spotlight on speculation that we've been hearing for ages that Rare is keen on developing a third entry in its combo-heavy fighting game franchise Killer Instinct. Never mind that Rare itself has denied such rumors in the past, because honestly that's exactly what we'd say if we were working on a top secret project too.

Going by the mouthful Killer Instinct 3D: Death, Destruction and Doom, the rumored Xbox 360 fighter is said to axe the previous titles' rendered graphics and button mashing in favor of 3D visuals and more robust gameplay. Still, it remains to be seen if this latest attempt rekindle interest in Killer Instinct will pan out, or if once again it will do an Ultra Combo to our heart.

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