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AoC Demonologist exploit fixed in recent patch

Shawn Schuster

How long has Age of Conan been out? Like 3 hours? Okay, it's been a week, but still. Players have already discovered a way to exploit a bug and powerlevel their Demonologists to level 80 in that brief time. This is both a testament to the genius of MMO players, and a sign of our complete lack of anything better to do. Apparently, the problem lied in the player's ability to stack certain spells repeatedly and insta-kill mobs. The first person to claim this feat reportedly posted screenshots, a movie and several emails to the GMs explaining his procedure, in hopes of getting it fixed soon. He claims it took him 4 days and 12 hours of in-game time to reach level 80.

So now that we have this update fixed by Funcom, the real question is, what will they do with those who exploited the bug and have level 80 Demonologists running around already? Should they delete those characters, bump them down a few levels, or resort to something more severe like temporary or permanent account banning? I'm sure not all players who are level 80, or even in that vicinity have exploited this bug, so it will be interesting to see how Funcom decides to handle this one.

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