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Deutsche Telekom under investigation for peeping employee phone records

Chris Ziegler

Germany's Deutsche Telekom apparently discovered over the weekend -- or "discovered," as the case may be -- that there seem to have been some cases of "illegal use" of landline and wireless usage data back in 2005 and 2006, and it has turned the case over to state prosecutors for investigation. That's the official line anyway, but the inside track says that the data had been collected by DT to track calls between its employees and journalists at tumultuous time for the company; plans had been announced to cut over 30,000 jobs from the roster back in '05, and efforts were seemingly in full swing to prevent leaks to the press. See, all this time we'd thought those pink-clad T-Mobile agents following us everywhere, jumping in bushes or ducking around corners whenever we glanced their way were just watching out for our best interests and trying to be friendly. Who knew?

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