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DirecTV TiVo's owners finally get an update

Ben Drawbaugh

DirecTV TiVo owners won't give up on having TiVo and DirecTV together -- no matter how many HD channels DirecTV adds -- at least they received a little consolation recently as DirecTV pushed down a long awaited update (6.4a). All the new features included in the update are an old hat to stand-alone TiVo owners, but appreciated all the same as DirecTV subscribers can finally take advantage of having a Recently Deleted folder, Overlap Protection, and DirecTV Remote Booking. As for the rest of the cool features missing like Multi-room viewing, TiVo To Go, and Internet content, we figure they have about as a good of a chance of being added as there is that DirecTV will release a new MPEG4 DirecTiVo, so don't hold your breath.


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