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Early look at Sony Ericsson Paris: it's basically a G900

Chris Ziegler

Those looking for a smartphone revolution on the wings of Sony Ericsson's forthcoming Paris (or whatever the heck it's called) need look no further than another model already in the company's stable: the touchscreen-equipped G900. At least that's the intel we're getting from mobile-review, a site renowned for its uncanny ability to get access to pretty much any device it chooses well ahead of release -- and often before announcement. Software builds and hardware specs in current prototypes of the Paris floating around are apparently dead ringers for the aforementioned G900, save for the obvious form factor change, rocker style QWERTY keypad, and integrated GPS. Those changes that will allegedly see the Paris get a €50 premium over its little brother for a grand total of €400 (about $628) when it launches in September; in the meantime, there's some screen shot entertainment in mobile-review's quick take, and given the overwhelming leakiness of this thing so far, we imagine there's plenty more where that came from before it ships.

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