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WoW Moviewatch: How 2 Machinima, Episode 2

Moo Money

In Episode 1 of How 2 Machinima, Ian Beckman taught us how to chromakey right off the bat. This ended up being controversial, as some machinimators felt that he should start with basic tutorials. Now Ian is back with an even more advanced tutorial about lip-syncing.

Episode 2 of How 2 Machinima focuses on how to realistically lip-sync your actors using images of their own mouths. According to this tutorial, you would need pictures of the mouth in various stages of opening and closing. Then you would study the sound chart, which Ian has linked to on How 2 Machinima. From there, it only gets more complicated, so you'll need to pay special attention to the video. I personally use CrazyTalk, by Reallusion, for all of my lip-syncing, but the choice is yours!


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