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Don't be a backseat Mario Karter


Ugh, backseat drivers. They suck, right? Always telling you to "slow down" or that you "can't park in my living room." What do they know? If they were any good, they'd be the ones driving. Well, now that concept has come to video games.

After the break is the first episode of a new web series called Backseat Gamer, which is pretty much what you'd expect from the title. Guess they heard that playing with friends is best. We didn't have such foul-mouthed friends in mind when whipping up that feature, though, but diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, and all that. Also, we'd like to say that, personally, we use the Wii Wheel when playing Mario Kart Wii, unlike the video's protagonist. Why? Because that's how the real gangsters roll.

Past the break you'll find the video. But, know that it is very much NSFW and chock full of foul language.


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