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Everyone's Pokemon Ranch becomes My Pokemon Ranch in Australia


Does Nintendo think English-speaking gamers are less willing to share? Minna no Pokémon Bokujo (Everyone's Pokémon Ranch) has popped up on Australia's OFLC database under then name My Pokémon Ranch. The message is clear: get your own Pokémon Ranch.

More significant than the name, of course, is the fact that this OFLC rating predicts an upcoming release for the WiiWare Pokémon storage utility/collection game. A rating doesn't help predict time of release at all, but it is an indication that one is on the way.

We're quite curious to see whether the release of a game that interacts with Diamond and Pearl on the DS will cause online activity in those games to swell. It may get kids all excited about Pokemans again.

[Via Vooks]

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