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Fallen Earth video showcases lots of gameplay

Kyle Horner

We've been following Fallen Earth for a while now, so it's very nice to finally see a new official video after waiting patiently for several months since the last. Everything looks like it's running incredibly smoothly too, which is a relief given the nature of the combat system in the game. Speaking of that, the combat looks pretty solid to us, but don't be fooled by the run-and-gun gameplay. Fallen Earth's MMO qualities are littered about in-between all the blazing guns you see in the footage. We do love those details. For instance, if you listen closely to the scene with the sniper scope you'll hear a nice clicking sound as the sharpshooter zooms in slightly.

Beyond the guns, girls and giant mutants in the video, you'll also be seeing some footage of players riding their very own mounts. It's some sort of buggy from what we can gather, some might even consider it to be puma-like. Here's hoping for some mounted gun upgrades so our friends can have something to do while we drive them around the wastelands!

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