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MSI Wind desktops and laptops exposed and fondled, Atom seen by all


MSI has been teasing us with its Atom-based laptops and desktops for some time now, so it's only right that they finally give it up and let some journalist rip open a Wind for some straight-up circuit porn. Confirmed on the board are the aforementioned Atom 230 processor, 1GB DDR2-533 RAM, a 160GB SATA drive, gigabit ethernet, a DVD combo drive, 65-watt power supply, and passive cooling with that gargantuan heatsink. As for performance, testers say the machine was capable of playing 720P video without much ado, but wouldn't deal with 1080P. On the laptop side of things, it looks as though the U100 will come in a whole rainbow of colors beyond the red, black, white, and pink we've already seen. Nothing new on that side other than the usual "is it still $399?"

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