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Orbitsound rolls out tube-based T6 iPod dock


It's far from the first dock of its kind, but those that just can't get enough of that warm vacuum tube sound now have a new option to consider courtesy of Orbitsound, which is set to roll out its new T6 iPod dock. This one apparently combines those tried and true tubes with Orbitsound's trademark single-speaker AirSOUND technology, which the company boldly proclaims is nothing short of "life changing." So as not to let anyone out of that not at all overstated experience, the dock also comes equipped with standard 3.5 mm inputs and outputs in addition to an iPod dock to accommodate your various devices, as well as a video output and, of course, a remote control. No word on a price, but you can look for this one to start shipping sometime next month.

[Via Gadget Lab]

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