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Penny Arcade Episode One third best XBLA launch to date

It looks like Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode One has broken through the controversy and landed as the third most successful XBLA games during its launch period.

According to a post from Penny Arcade's illustrator Mike Krahulik (aka Gabe), Episode One sold 16.5K units in the first three days of release. While it's already impressive for a new game wedged between known quantities like RezHD, Ikaruga and N+ to sell well, it's even more impressive considering Penny Arcade was priced twice as high as the rest in the top four.

According to Mike Krahulik, the top four three-day launch titles on XBLA are:

  1. RezHD -- 25k units
  2. Ikaruga -- 22.5k units
  3. Penny Arcade Adventures Episode One -- 16.5k units
  4. N+ -- 13k units
Also, according to a report by VGChartz, Penny Arcade's debut title has landed the top spot as the highest grossing XBLA title to date; at $330,000 in its first three days, Episode One beat out the record debut titleholder WormsHD.

Congrats to Hothead Games for rolling twenties.

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