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Rise of the Argonauts to be unlike other action-RPGs

Nick Doerr

If there was one thing we should have learned from classic games like Contra or Bushido Blade, it's that bullets and swords hurt. Bad. Rise of the Argonauts is continuing this train of thought, says the game's director, Ed Del Castillo. Gamespot sat down for a Q&A session, so we're going to do what we do and summarize the important points for those interested in this game.

This isn't a true recreation of the classic Greek myth. Jason is off to find the fleece not because he was commanded to, but to resurrect his wife. So expect a lot of internal reflections about love and commitment. The game is an action-RPG, but without hit points or layers of menus. It's ... an action game, but role-playing. As such, there's no HUD to display (although you can turn it on in the options menu if you really need to). To save you from any spoilers, they list a couple of the special moves you can unlock in the game -- they sound pretty vicious. Kratos would be pleased.

The game progresses differently based on what god you choose to follow: different skills appear and certain enemies will be more or less difficult to destroy. The game needs to be executed well, obviously, because the ambition felt by the developers is rather large. We'll keep looking for more info because if done right, this could be a nice addition to the PS3 library.

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