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Treo 850 specs leaked?

Chris Ziegler

If recently leaked specs for Palm's Treo 850 end up ringing true, it looks like the darned thing might actually have some bite to back up its bark. TamsPPC cites a "good friend" working at Palm who claims that the device will feature HSDPA 3.6, WiFi, AGPS, a 320 x 320 display (we should certainly hope so!), 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, 256MB of internal storage, and a somewhat anemic 32MB of RAM. It clocks in at 14mm thick, 60mm wide and 113mm tall and features Windows Mobile 6.1, so all told, it looks like this could end up being a serious competitor in the WinMo space coming out of Palm's camp at a time when it needs another big hit. Just bump up that RAM to 64MB, Palm, seriously. Trust us on this.

[Image via Boy Genius Report]

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