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Become Death's daughter in Venetica: new PC, Xbox 360 RPG

Jason Dobson

When it comes to video games, dealing with Death just comes with the territory, but while we're used to seeing him on a pale horse and lining Piers Anthony's pockets with gold, we're less informed about the old guy's family tree. Nevertheless, one thing we now know, if developer Deck 13 is to be believed, is that the immortality incarnate had a daughter named Scarlett, with the German dev casting her as the central character in Venetica, an upcoming RPG for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Publisher dtp describes the game's story as "cryptic" with a sixteenth century-style open world that "mixes emotions and action." However, like Scarlett, who apparently knows nothing of her lineage and hidden powers, we too are left guessing regarding most of Venetica's details. Still, the initial batch of screens and a teaser website have made this one look original enough to watch out for in 2009.

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