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Canada's big spectrum auction underway

Chris Ziegler

The US just wrapped up a huge airwave auction not long ago if you recall, and now it's Canada's turn, kicking off the first round of bidding for a grand total of 6,510 individual licenses covering 105MHz of spectrum in the 2GHz range on Tuesday. The format of the auction shares a couple of key points with the one that took place south of the border just a few weeks ago, chiefly that there's no limit on how long the auction can run (it just keeps going until bidding peters out), bids take place in set rounds, and there are strict anti-collusion rules set up to prevent companies from tag-teaming the action. A full 40 percent of the freed-up space is reserved for newcomers to the wireless game, so it should be an interesting time for consumers up there -- particularly those tired with the choices they currently have (c'mon, guys, raise your hands).

[Thanks, Jacob K.]

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