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City of Heroes broadcasting live from Cimerora

Adrian Bott

Our friends at have reported a groundbreaking event taking place this Thursday. In a field test of the new Dyyno streaming technology, Matt 'Positron' Miller of NCSoft will be giving a live demonstration of some of the new City of Heroes Issue 12: Midnight Hour content. This includes a scenic tour of the new high-level zone, Cimerora. Matt will do his best to answer questions arising during the exposition.

Dyyno is a new high-quality streaming system that allows one-click broadcast of gameplay (or any other window) to an online audience. It's still being worked on, and we're warned that technical issues might complicate Thursday's broadcast, but it looks like an exciting new piece of tech. Visit the Dyyno Room on Thursday evening at 5pm PST / 8pm EST to watch the tour, put questions to Matt and join in the test.

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