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First screens of BioShock on PS3


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2K Games has released the first (teeny-tiny) round of images from BioShock on PS3, following up on this morning's official announcement of the game. And ... it looks like BioShock. On Xbox 360.

As mentioned in our previous post about the game's PS3 debut, developer 2K Marin is looking into ways to enhance the game for Sony's platform, but stopped short of providing any hard details. The latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly reports that the game essentially looks indistinguishable from the 360 original, and that the only "enhancements" at present are the plasmid additions and bug fixes that were pushed out to the 360 release via Xbox Live. 2K Marin has told EGM that it is working with Sony on more substantial enhancements, but at present they remain as murky as the sea enveloping Rapture.

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