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Guildwatch: Drama, but the good kind

Mike Schramm

People just might have heard all the bad drama that they want to hear -- we had a few good stories this week of guilds actually doing well, or making their way past useless drama to continue with progression, or just generally making the world a better place for other players. Then again, we still got lots of good guild-breaking, whine-filled drama, so who says you can't have both good and bad?

Both good and bad are after the break, as well as downed and recruiting news from around the realms. And don't forget, if you've got drama, downed, or recruiting news to support (if it's your guild or anyone else's), just drop us a note at We could especially use some really nice downed news and screenshots -- the shot above, from Kill on Sight on The Forgotten Coast, is good, but surely you all can do better, right?


  • A few folks over on Laughing Skull apparently decided to put together an ingame tribute event for the victims of the recent earthquake in China, and a guild named Recycled apparently showed up and messed everything up for them. Stickybuds does his best to calm everybody down and save his guild, and later in the thread, we hear that there wasn't a lot of publicity for this event -- no one really knew what was going on anyway. Still, you know it's great drama when the thread about the drama spawns parody threads of its own.
  • Good: Drama on your guild forums (the forums of Epidemic on Altar of Storms). Better: a blog post about said forum drama. Best: arguing in the comments of that blog post. It's beautiful in its own way.
  • Vahalla on Malfurion says they're tired of hearing about drama in this space, so they want us to print their story: after getting back together post-expansion in February, they hit 70 within a few weeks, and Gruul after that. Illidan dropped a month or two later, and now they're down to 3% on Kalecgos. So there's their story -- it's cool and all, but not nearly as interesting as drama, no?
  • Yippie Ki Yay on The Underbog-H formed in February and was doing pretty well -- they had no sooner cleared out Hyjal than had an ex-gm ninja some T6 gloves and clean out the bank before transferring off the server. There's a good ending to this one, though -- the guildies "pulled together like a family," and within a week had rebuilt most of the bank and a few raiding nights later had gotten right back into progression. BT is now on farm, and they say they're four bosses ahead of all other guilds on the server. Proof, I guess, that a ninja is not the end of the world.
  • The Syndicate on Trollbane is riding through a nice bit of drama -- Mayflower is the former co-guildleader there (with her husband, we're told), and she is extremely unhappy with the way that Creation (who later had to change her name to Sparksalot due to all the harassment) was given the guild by Gigage (who May originally intended to have it). We're told that after a few storms of drama (that's right, not one but two -- apparently after all this drama with May ended, Mongoose was given to an alt in the guild, and a lot of people didn't like that either), a few of the raiders got pushed away to Pestilence -- where, we're told, they don't even have nearly enough for Karazhan, much less anything else. If you guys spent enough energy on raiding as you did on fighting with each other, you might be in BT by now.
  • Order of Golden Fries, an Alliance guild on Moonrunner recently had a hunter, Kamron, who had just been geared up to their raiding level /gquit dramatically to go to a better progressing guild. After all the top guilds on the server then turned him down, Kamron tried to come back, but apparently the guild was having none of it. "He claimed that we couldn't down bosses without him," they say, "which was soon proved wrong when we got a guild first down of Rage Winterchill." So much for a chance at the Fist of Molten Fury he wanted.
  • Somebody really wants Stargun of Southern Stars on Aman'thul to change -- so much so that they aired their dirty laundry on the forums. Most of this stuff (keeping raid times, having a plan) is simple, though, so maybe he'll listen up and get the message.
  • Shield of Azeroth on Alleria experienced a tragedy last week: Chethak, one of their guildies, was killed. He was 29 years old, and leaves behind a wife and their two-year-old daughter. Guildies banded together there, and within a week, the guild was able to raise $3,000 for the family. Sorry to hear about your loss, and terrific to hear about some WoW guildies banding together for one of their own.
  • Equilibrium on Echo Isles-A overcame a late-winter slump by bringing in some fresh blood from Demon Slayers and re-focusing on a steady progression plan. It worked, apparently: in the last month, they've downed Lurker Below, Magtheridon, Hydross, Doomwalker, Leotheras, Jan'Alai and Hex Lord Malacrass. Tidewalker is on notice.
  • Relentless on The Scryers-A had a great week, pulling off a Karathon and one shotting Illhoff. HKM has also dropped to a flawless victory, and then Gruul got dropped, too, but not before killing all the tanks in attendance. Rage Winterchill is now on de-icing notice.
  • Daughters of the Alliance on Bronzebeard downed Gruul in one shot after 11 growths and took down Magtheridon on their first night trying. Grats!
  • Epilogue on Malfurion-H went from a friendly but shaky guild merger to 5/6 SSC in just a week, they say. Reset times have kept her safe to this point, but Lady V is firmly on notice.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles-H has dropped Tidewalker, Fathom Lord, and then went to Hyjal for kicks and one-shotted Rage Winterchill. Hot. Thanks go to Jaina for "pyroblasting the snot out of him" (what an image), and Al'ar is on notice.
  • HAVEN from Laughing Skull has downed High Warlord Naj'entus and Supremus. Grats! They also dropped Shade of Akama later in the week, and we also hear that they're recruiting as well.
  • Kaizen on Hydraxis-A turned the Lurker Below into the "Lurker-Kinda-Floating-On-Top" for their first tier 5 kill. They're also recruiting: 375 Sock Puppet skill a must, though how you get there, I have no idea.
  • Double Fisted on Ghostlands downed Al'ar last night, making them 3/4 in TK. Tidewalker and Fathom Lord both bit the dust later in the week, so Leo is on notice.
  • Stargazer Clan on Elune-A is on a roll. in the last month, they've downed Jan'Alai, Morogrim, Fathom-Lord and Rage Winterchill. Leo is on official notice (although Vashj is the big show looming on the horizon).
  • Ethos on Steamwheedle Cartel-A had a productive week. They downed Azgalor in Mount Hyjal and Naj'entus, Supremus, and Shade of Akama in Black Temple. Very nice.
  • Kill on Sight of The Forgotten Coast-A dropped Prince for a guild first last weekend. They are also currently recruiting Holy Priests, Resto Shamans and Druids, and Warrior/Pally tanks for Karazhan and ZA.
  • After Hours on Eonar EU has downed seven new bosses in May -- they're up to Azgalor in Hyjal. They're recruiting, too -- they're a late night guild, and they need experienced raiders to head on into BT and beyond.
  • Forget Your Sanity on Rexxar was feasting on fried Phoenix (tastes, unsuprisingly, like chicken) after five nights and a few strat changes on Al'ar. Solarian is on notice. They are recruiting, too: Prot Pally, Mage, and Healers of any class except tree Druids. They raid Tues-Fri, and you can find more info on the website.
  • Synergy on Shattered Halls has finally downed Hex Lord Malacrass. They steamrolled all the animal bosses, and then toppled Hex Lord for a guild first this week. Zul'jin is officially on notice.
  • High Voltage on Aman'thul has downed Morogrim Tidewalker and is now 5/6 SSC after only three weeks in 25man raiding. They've got Loot Reaver downed in TK, and Al'ar is next.
  • Tabula Rasa of Tanaris has downed Lady Vashj after several nights of attempts. Apparently we're told they have a new transfer warrior in 6/8 T6 from an unknown server, and supposedly that made the difference.
  • Ehrenguard on Hellscream-A has just downed Anetheron and Kaz'rogal for the first times, on consecutive nights, and all on one shot. This makes 3 out of 5 bosses down in Mount Hyjal, with Azgalor and Naj'entus (33% first attempt) next on the kill list. And on a side note, more hunters got leather gear.
  • Epilogue on Malfurion-H is 5/6 in SSC and 3/4 in TK, which means Lady Vashj is on notice. Do it!
  • Cry Havok continues the trend of weekly downing of new bosses. This week, Leotheras the Blind was taken out in a one-shot. Karathress is next up. The guild is also recruiting, especially healers.
  • Modus Operandi recovered from a hacked guild leader and continued their stampede through Black Temple, taking down Shahraz in a 24-man two-shot night. Next up, the Illidari Council. Nice job guys.
  • Mystic Daggers on EU Azjol-Nerub finally completed ZA this week, dropping Zul'jin. SSC is up next, though you'll have to make sure and get some bear mounts before you head in there.
  • Mattari on Norgannon-A in the last week have downed Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Wolf, and Curator. They're also looking to start up a second Kara group and eventually head to 25 man instances, so join up with them if you want to get in on some of those sweet, sweet Karazhan badges.
  • Haven on Anvilmar-A is rocking lately -- they downed both Fathom Lord and Leotheras, both on their second try. They're committed to progression and are 5/6 and 3/4 heading to BT and beyond. Hit up their website if you're interested in joining up.
  • Blades of Light is a progressive guild on the Sentinels server, and they are currently recruiting good, mature raiders of all classes. Apply on their site -- they've currently got Gruul, Mags, and Kara on farm, and are working on the early stages of SSC and The Eye.
  • No Skill Just Luck (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on EU Stormscale-H oneshotted Rage and Anetheron on their first trip into Hyjal and are now looking for more people to progress in Hyjal and Black Temple, especially Shamans of any spec and gender.
  • Slash Gquit on Cenarion Circle-H has dropped Netherspite after two weeks in Karazhan and put Prince on notice. They're also looking for more good, mature, and easygoing players to join up with them to finish Kara and go to 25man and beyond.
  • Knights of Ni on Alleria is still recruiting Priest, Shamans, Warriors, Druids, Warlocks and Ret Pallies for Gruul and Mag and more teams for Kara and ZA. They are a casual raiding guild with the environment to match.
  • Sol Invictus of Thrall is looking for more tanks, Mages, and Shaman of any spec. They're working on Ritual of Souls right now, and they're hoping to hit up Sunwell before the expansion, so join ready to raid well.
  • Soaring Phoenix is a small guild on the Haomarush server that just recently formed and is working to gear up and get rady for Karazhan and eventually more endgame instances. They're a family style guild, so if you're looking to have a good time and take it easy while still getting some raiding done, look them up.
  • The BlackDawn on Farstriders-H is a laid back raiding guild that is farming almost all of Karazhan, and needs a few more for 25man raiding. Look them up if you're ready to roll on the endgame.
  • Trinity Council is a Horde guild on the Farstriders server. They selectively recruit for quality not quantity, and are searching for more to fill out our ranks as they near endgame. They're looking mainly for healers, and oddly enough, also some DPS and CC at this time, though tanks are always welcome too.
That's it for this week's GW. We'll be back as usual next week -- until then, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a hilarious Vent recording and the classic "officers dont do officers like u did." Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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