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Murloc on board

Mike Schramm

No idea where Richard got this Murloc decal (it is floating around on eBay, if you're so inclined to try and grab it there), but it is pretty darn sweet. Forget about the Horde or the Alliance -- I want to brand my car's window with the best race (soon to be faction) in the World of Warcraft.

Unfortunately, according to the Murloc translator, what's printed on the window there is just gibberish, not an actual Murloc saying handed down from the Oracles of years past (like, you know, "honk if you love Murlocs"). Still, I'd laugh if I saw it, no matter what it means.

We've added this pic to our gallery of WoW license plates car-related WoW art. If you've got a pic we should have in here, feel free to send it along and we'll take a look.

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