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Sharp launches XG-P560W .65-inch 3-chip DLP professional projector

Darren Murph

We should probably preface this by reiterating that when Sharp says "professional," it means precisely that. The firm's latest beamer -- the June-bound XG-P560W (or XG-P560WN sans lens) -- features a modest WXGA (1,280 x 800) resolution, but includes Texas Instruments' .65-inch 3-chip DLP technology along with Sharp's own CV-IC II System for smoothing jaggies and minimizing image noise. Additionally, it features a 1,800:1 contrast ratio, seven interchangeable lenses, a dual-lamp lighting system, DVI / HDMI inputs and a built-in Ethernet port for remote access and control. Remember that whole spill we made at the onset? Yeah, here's proof: $16,995 for the XG-P560W, $15,995 for the XG-P560WN.

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