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    Sony's BRAVIA VPL-VW40 HD projector gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Sony's 1080p VPL-VW40 projector has been quite intriguing ever since we realized its spectacular specifications sheet ended with a sub-$3,000 price tag, though many were fearing that it wouldn't look half as good as the doubly expensive VPL-VW200. According to the eagle-eyed reviewers at Trusted Reviews, those fears are completely unwarranted. More specifically, the SXRD-based beamer blasted out impressive black levels, an amazing level of detail / sharpness and not even a hint of that messy "screen door" effect found on rivaling LCD PJs. The only real knock was pointed at the less-than-flawless color reproduction and less-than-ideal brightness, but really, we get the idea they were stretching for any reason to believe this thing wasn't without an imperfection. Hit up the read link for the full spill -- but only if you don't mind being talked into buying one.

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