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Spore: Creature Stage wanders onto land, into blog post

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EA just dropped a handful of screens and a short recap of Spore's second stage – the Creature Stage – into our laps (we have a hand there ... and some eyes ... and mandibles). Of course, they did the same thing last week for the opening "Cell Stage" and we presume they'll keep doing so in the coming weeks; we've still got Tribal, Civilization, and Space to look forward to.

The Creature Stage jumps from Cell's 2D world into three dimensions, where you'll gather DNA points which you can use in the Creature Creator (check out our hands-ons and meet Sporky) to expand your critter's abilities. Here you'll encounter other strange species as you explore your world – "all of them created by other players" – and you'll "race" to "become the first sentient being" on your planet. It's like massively single-player online gaming.

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