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UK runs out of Wii Fit, Nintendo will replenish ASAP


Nintendo tells that it will replenish the UK's stock of Wii Fit "as soon as possible." A Wii Fit shortage in the UK became quite obvious this past week as the fat-reduction simulator practically disappeared from the UK sales charts. Meaning, either citizens of the UK made a collective Borg decision to stop purchasing the game life-altering product or stock sold out.

A Nintendo representative put semi-adequate spin on the situation stating that there are "pockets of stock shortages" around the UK. When a game goes from the #2 spot on the sales chart to dropping off the Top 40, that appears to be more than just "pockets" of shortages. Nintendo claims that fat little girls around the UK will be able to pick up a Wii Fit soon enough as the company continues to replenish stock on a weekly basis.

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