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Cannon PC to offer up dual / quad-CableCARD Media Center rigs

Darren Murph

Your options are fairly limited when scouring the market for a twin-CableCARD HTPC, but thanks to a new partnership between Cannon PC and Microsoft, yet another rival will be jousting for your business. Here soon, the outfit will be offering its Home and Pro A/V series Media Center PCs with dual CableCARDs pre-installed, and if you're willing to wait a touch longer, a quad-CableCARD model will also be available. Oh, and if that chassis above looks strangely familiar, that's because it is: Cannon has simply grabbed OrigenAE's famed shell, painted it black and slapped its own logo up there (though we aren't complaining or anything). The pictured EX line is just one of the many families with the new functionality, so head on over to the company's website if you're interested in shelling out.

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