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Cinemassively: BloodSpell team discusses going from series to feature

Moo Money

Strange Company's documentary series about the making of their feature-length machinima, BloodSpell has come to a close. Over the six episodes of the documentary, they discussed conception, pre-production, animation, editing, going from series to feature, and their experiences making the film.

Today, we're focusing on the fifth episode in the series, on going from series to feature. Through their interviews, they provide helpful tips on taking your series and reformatting it into a feature-length film. Some of the topics they discuss are reshooting scenes and color correction. If you're looking to take your work to the next level, very few have come as far as feature-length in the machinima realm!

If you have machinima or movie suggestions from any MMO, please send them to machinima AT massively DOT com, along with any information you might have about them.

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