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DeviceVM's Splashtop comes to ASUS laptops as Express Gate

Darren Murph

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DeviceVM's Splashtop -- the (almost) instant-on Linux system -- has made its way onto an ASUS laptop before, but the company has announced today that said application is coming to even more of ASUS' rigs. If you'll recall, ASUS decided to bring Splashtop to all of its motherboards earlier this month, and now consumers who snap up a M70T, M50V, M51Vr, F8Va or F8Vr series machine can also look forward to having near-instant access to multimedia playback, chat capabilities, etc. as soon as they hit the power button. On these lappies, the system will be dubbed Express Gate, but you can rest assured it's absolutely the same thing. We'd hold off a few days on picking up one of the aforesaid units, however, as the pre-loaded models aren't slated to ship until next month.

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