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    Mad Catz PS3 3-Port HDMI System Selector gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    We're not entirely sure how large the market for this peculiar PlayStation 3 add-on actually is, but the Mad Catz cooling fan / 3-port HDMI switch has just been reviewed by the kids over at IGN. Essentially, this thing snaps on and bulks up your PS3, adding in a noisy, likely ineffective duo of fans while providing a trio of HDMI / Toslink optical digital audio inputs. For all intents and purposes, the device performed just like any other HDMI system selector, with no noticeable degradation and full support for HDCP / 1080p. Furthermore, you'll find a bundled remote that can control DVD and Blu-ray playback on your console, and there's even a few cables thrown in to make you believe this thing is really worth the $79.99 asking price. According to this writeup, it's not a bad deal for those in need, but be sure to read the article in full before doing the deed.

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