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Marantz to deliver new AV8003 processor and MM8003 amplifier next month, at least to Canada

Steven Kim

The Marantz US website shows the AV8003 processor and accompanying MM8003 amplifier as "coming soon," but word is that these two will show up in June, at least for Canadian customers. We've already seen that Marantz has started its rollout in markets outside the US, but we've got to think that the appearance of these models in Canada presages imminent US availability. Don't be alarmed about the prices in the read link, which we assume are for the Canadian market. The US Marantz website still shows prices as $2600 and $2400 for the AV8003 and MM8003, respectively; still too rich for our blood, but we'll keep our fingers crossed that the teasing will end for those of you fortunate enough to consider this gear.

[Via TVSnob]

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