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Tilted Mill updating Children of the Nile, self-publishing next title


Tilted Mill Entertainment says it's relaunching the studio's 2004 sim game, Children of the Nile, with a major update/redesign later this year; those who already own the title will be able to download this update for free. In a letter to Big Download, the company's president, Chris Beatrice, also outlines several other plans the developer has going forward.

Although known for competent (but not exactly great) city sims like Vivendi's Caesar IV and EA's SimCity Societies, Beatrice says the company is going down a new path and will self-publish its next title this fall. Although he gives no hints as to what the game will be, he expresses that PC gaming now has "new distribution opportunities" to make and sell games at a reasonable cost. If Tilted Mill's self-published titles end up being vastly superior to its mega-publisher titles, we'll be more than happy to support the company with our hard-earned cash.

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