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Vanguard Game Update 5 goes live

Michael Zenke

Adventurers of Telon! Gather 'round, and prepare yourselves for battle. The latest in the ongoing series of huge updates to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has arrived! Game Update 5 is now officially on the live servers. Though the game has had a long and rocky history, the patch notes on the official site are something to smile about. Called "Telon Rides On", with good reason, there's something here for players from the newbie zones all the way to the endgame. We've already been through a bunch of this before, but let's do a quick highlight reel anyway:
You can get a look at the new Game Update straight from the source; our interview with Game Designer Lenny Gullo has it all from their side of the fence. Ride On, Telon!

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