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Age of Conan: Senior CSR responds to the recent mass banning

Matt Warner

Customer service in MMOGs leaves a lot to be desired. Normally you get a ticket, and you wait with ticket in mind, and your issue normally isn't resolved until your mind is lost. The petty bug that caused an item to disappear or quest reward isn't unheard of in EverQuest or World of Warcraft, but what about the larger exploitations like duping? Exploitation that involves players amassing an inordinate amount of items or gold in a relatively short amount of time requires prompt action before severe damage is caused.

Not long after launch day, Age of Conan, fell victim to such exploits. One involved the Demonologist class and leveling, and the other was a severe duping exploit via the trader system. Funcom is now under scrutiny for their handling of the situation. In many cases, Funcom opted to ban now, and suspend players for investigatory purposes before determining the final outcome. The aftermath from their decision had players crying foul, claiming that they did nothing wrong. In this interview with Ten Ton Hammer, the Senior Customer Service & QA Manager for Age of Conan explains the situation and admits that some suspended accounts were free from any illicit activity and reinstated. Some players are still awaiting word on their fate.

How do you think Funcom is handling the situation?

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