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Grimwell on fearing the silence of the majority

Kyle Horner

Earlier this month there was plenty of talk at the ION conference about community-related issues. Those discussions were great and if you missed out on reading them when they were first posted, then you should check them out now. One thing often touched on during those discussions was the community manager's goal of reaching out to as many people in their community as they can. Or in other words: communicating with the silent majority.

Grimwell has recently posted a tightened up dialect on that very topic of reaching the silent majority for any given game. He expresses his own thoughts and methods about forging lines of communication with the people who're not being vocal through forums, blogs, podcasts or even in-game chat. And if you're worrying about a drawn-out read, don't. Grimwell keeps it short and sweet, ending the post with the affirmation that we're all still learning about the communicative process.

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