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LG's KC550: big cam, small price

Chris Ziegler

Handset manufacturers -- particularly Samsung, LG, and lately, Huawei -- have a tendency to barrage the FCC's approval process with countless models, most of which we'll never see, much less pay any mind to as they're quietly launched in some corner of the world with little to differentiate them from the models that precede or succeed them. Of course, that's not always the case, and here's a great example: LG's KC550, a phone we saw approval for last month that turns out to be a pretty neat slider that LG trumpets as its cheapest 5 megapixel model to date. What makes it so cheap? Well, triband EDGE data with no 3G, for starters -- and a mere 25MB of integrated memory helps too -- but you've still got your microSD slot to play with, and the camera's a decent Schneider-Kreuznach unit with image stabilization and autofocus. Not bad for the £179.95 (about $354) Expansys is asking, especially if photography's more important to you than actually sending it somewhere from the road.

[Via Unwired View]

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