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Nintendo snubs gamers over 330 lbs.

Candace Savino

People all over the world know that many Americans suffer from obesity issues, some more than others. Quite a few folks are even too heavy to play Wii Fit, as the weight limit for the game is 330 pounds (150 kg). Since we don't have any medical experience, we're not sure if Wii Fit would even be the best way for people in that weight class to ease into an exercise regimen (maybe it is, maybe it isn't). But either way, Nintendo doesn't seem to care.

For people who bought the game only to find that they're too fat for it, Jill Callahan of NoA recently said, "If this is a product that can not currently be used in your home, you may wish to investigate a possible return of the product to the retailer where you purchased it. Or perhaps you would like to give it as a gift to someone you know who would enjoy it. I hope you find these suggestions helpful." Yikes, can you imagine the humiliation of returning Wii Fit because you're too fat? And the only other alternative Nintendo has to offer is giving someone a $90 gift? Gee, we're sure that helpful advice is really appreciated.

We're not blaming Nintendo for their inability to have the Balance Board support over 330 lbs., and labeling the box to say so makes it the consumer's own fault for buying it. But Callahan's response? That's just cold, especially in light of the philosophy behind Wii Fit. Instead, why not tell these gamers to use Wii Fit's weight limit as motivation to reach the game's supported weight level? Anything's better than the "tough luck, we don't care" line.

[Via GoNintendo]

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