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Splinter Cell Conviction team now coy about development


And the Splinter Cell Conviction delay rumor-mill keeps on grinding. The latest non-conclusive statement about the possibility of a Conviction delay was made on the official Ubisoft forums in the form of an open letter from the development team. The group says that development is continuing well and they'll start showing the game in the "forthcoming months."

Rumors of Splinter Cell Conviction's possible late 2009 -10 delay began after an article was written in Xbox World 360. At the time, Ubisoft just made a "no comment." Then when the game didn't get shown at UbiDays, the publisher danced around the issue, but stuck with a release window of this fiscal year (April '08 - March '09). Well, E3 is in July -- also known as a "forthcoming month" -- and we'll be sure to pay attention if Splinter Cell Conviction makes an appearance.

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